What You Will Learn

Learn To:

Use homeopathy to prevent complications and to manage them if they should occur;

Select homeopathic medicines for your individual birth kit;

Know if you really need to induce labor and how to do it safely and naturally;

Manage “false labor”;

Change the breech baby’s presentation prior to labor;

Move through emotional distress in order to give birth as calmly and confidently as possible;

Manage prolonged, difficult, or dysfunctional labor;

Manage back labor and posterior position of the baby;

Prevent tearing and episiotomies while giving birth and how to heal them if they should occur;

Prevent a postpartum hemorrhage, retained placenta, and postpartum infection;

Heal physically and emotionally after a difficult delivery or a cesarean section;

Ease the newborn’s transition into the world;

and more…