Childbirth is a special time in a woman’s life, a time of evolution when she blossoms into motherhood, and the family is born. It is the second gateway of initiation towards embodying her inherent female wisdom (the first gateway being menarche, the beginning of menstruation, and the last, menopause, the crone or wise woman years). As she is supported by her partner, family, friends, birth attendant, as well as her environment, in giving birth to her child, so she taps into the powers of surrender, trust, and selflessness that enable her to mother wisely. Homeopathy offers the birthing woman a gentle, yet powerful, support to overcome many challenges along the way. It is a natural system of medicine without the side effects often accompanying conventional medical treatment.

The goal of this book is to empower you to use homeopathic medicines safely and effectively during childbirth and the immediate postpartum period even if you are a newcomer to it. It is not meant to replace the midwife or doctor, but to give you a first line of action that can prevent the need for further intervention.

I welcome you to a unique healing approach that will build your self-confidence and understanding of the healing process. Though you are sure to experience many powerful results using the information included,it is only the beginning of what homeopathy has to offer. Homeopathy is a complex science/art that involves a lifetime of study to master. A suggested list of books and resources to continue your study is provided at the end of this book.

For many years, as a midwife, I have been blessed as a witness to, and participant in, the miracle of childbirth. It is clear to me that a woman inherently knows how to give birth when she is given the loving support to believe in herself. I hope this book will assist you to trust and rely on that inner wisdom. Happy birthing!